High humidity is causing much damage to valuable goods and machinery. Shanghai for example has an average humidity over 70%, in the summer months even higher.

There are several types of corrosion protection available:

Protective coatings – resulting in add work and material-costs at both ends of the shipping.

Aluminum foil enclosure and dry agents - protection upto 24 months by reducing overall humidity within the package to about 30-40%.

INTERCEPT® foil – proven protection upto 120 months.
In use since 1984 for short and long term protection, INTERCEPT® is repeatedly and independently tested and proven. The technology eliminates secondary protection methods such as oils, waxes and paper. (The use of desiccants is recommended for Ferrous metals). It consists of copper particles with enormous surface area that are chemically and permanently bonded to a plastic structure. Moisture that migrated through the packaging material will be liberated from corrosive elements so that it cannot cause corrosion. It does not matter if INTERCEPT® is placed directly near the goods, or if it is located at a greater distance from the packaged goods. This allows for new packaging concepts with higher load densities and less packaging costs.
…… just BETTER protection !